Wednesday, May 30, 2007

She's back by popular demand! :)

Well due to a few threats and a few people sending hate emails and messages I'm going to try HARDER and keeping this updated better. Actually life has slowed down a little for Eric and I now, so maybe I will have more time. I get the question a lot, "what do you do at home all day?" Well I can't really answer that, but all I can say is that I keep busy! It seems like there is always something going on. For example today, I went and worked out than I laid out by the pool for 3 hours!! HAHA That is keeping busy! :) :) What a wonderful husband I have that will slave away at work while his wife sits by the pool sipping her iced tea and reading a book (thanks Alicia for the book).

Speaking of the pool, I have to tell you a funny story that happened today. So this lady gets up and goes into the bathroom and she comes out yelling about how she can't believe that she is burnt. (oh first, this lady was not tan, but not pale). So then she sees me laying there and she comes over and says word for word, "well, you better either put some sunscreen on or go inside because you are a LOT whiter then me, and I'm burnt." I was cracking up! It makes me laugh thinking about how some people just have no tact! HAHA:) It's all good, I know I'm white!!

Last night we had our small group and it went really well. It was at a different location and not as many people showed up, so I thought it would be fun, but maybe not as deep as normal. I was wrong! We talked about the Holy Spirit and it was great! I learned so much from all my friends. We also had a good time talking about why Christians are overweight! :) We decided that it's because of all the potlucks and carry-ins that you have at church. If you are Nazarene you definitely know what I'm talking about. So we all decided that we're going to do something about it. Instead of going out to eat as our special event for the month, we're going to go to the park and play volleyball or to the zoo and walk around and get some exercise! :) I'm excited!

Something else that we talked about last night was the amazing peace that only God can give. One of our group members is in AA and he talked about how you can just see it on the peoples faces when they talk about their "higher power" giving them peace. That made me think, I hope people can see something different about me. You know, with everything that has been going on lately, God has give me a peace. There are some days that I feel it more then others, but I know it's there. I'm so thankful that we serve such an awesome and powerful God. I'm so thankful that even if I'm in over my head and I feel like my world is falling apart, my God can lift me up and help me put the pieces back together!

Well tonight Eric and I are taking it easy and watching a movie and boiling peanuts! :) He found it on the Internet, so we decided to give it a try. :) Here are a few pictures from our fun weekend at my parents! :)


Chuck and Jenny said...

Yeah, so let me know how that whole "exercise instead of eating" thing goes. Sounds pretty foreign to me! Oh, and that tan picture is NASTY! Glad to see you back online. Dontcha know that sitting your rear end in front of the computer for hours a day is so much healthier for you than laying out all day?? Silly girl!


antelopebrown said...

AHHHHHHHHHH That nasty wrinkly tan picture is FREAKING ME OUT! I never want to go outside ever again!!! AHHHH It makes my skin crawl to look at it! I hate sunshine!!!! I'm going to go buy SPF 4,000!!!!!!!!!!

Christy said...

That picture was NASTY!!! I love those pics of the little one...she looks so tiny! Love ya!

Teresa said...

Boiled peanuts take hours to cook... and LOTS of salt to make them good.

I get asked that same question all the time... some nights (since I'm awake at night and it's more limitig), I do get really bored and watch a lot of tv but other than that, I do stay busy too. I have my cleaning thing... lol.

I was going to comment on facebook about the baby Claire pics... she looks like a cabbage patch kid with the chunky cheeks. LOL

GalloPinto2 said...

Yea! An update from Shelly!!! I'm glad to hear you're keeping so busy, but not glad to hear that it's laying around by the pool :-p just kidding, I'm glad you're relaxing and having fun! Want to come to Lafayette on the 16th and help me take the kids I'm babysitting for to the pool? I'm kind of scared to take 2 kids to the pool by myself!

Heidi said...

So glad you could update us all!! Keep up the good work. It was nice to see ya Sunday!

GalloPinto2 said...

What book are you reading? Don't forget I'm always open to suggestions...I'm at home this week. So guess where I'm going tomorrow? YES that's right, a Half Price Books!!!!! It won't be the same without you and E, but I'll try to make do!

Shell*Belle said...

I'm reading DAnger in the Shadow by Dee Henderson. It's pretty good so far! :)