Friday, April 27, 2007

The Lord's Prayer

For the past month our pastor has been preaching on The Lord's Prayer. It has been so eye opening!! This is going to sound really sad, I never thought about what this specific prayer is saying. It wasn't until our pastor started breaking it up and preaching about it that I than realized how powerful it is! Here is a link to it just in case you need a refresher on what it says. The Lord's Prayer

The part that really hit me and I have been praying everyday is verse 11, where it says, "Give us today our daily bread." This sounds so simple, but if you really dig into what it's asking, it's great! This is asking that God would provide us TODAY with what we need for TODAY!! There are so many times that I catch myself praying, God please help us this month, or God please help us to know what you want for us to do this week! This is something that I really struggle with. I am not content with what God has to offer for me for today! I have been wrestling with this in my head so much lately. How silly of me to worry about tomorrow and miss out on all that God has blessed me with today! I guess it's just like the name of my blog, I'm learning to be content with what God is doing for me today... and actually not just content, but at peace and happy!! :)

Well I just wanted to share that with whoever! Eric and I are getting ready to leave for the weekend! We are going to my parents house! YIPPEE!! :) I get to see my two beautiful nieces and my brothers and sisters and my parents all in one weekend! :)


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yeah! You're gonna get to see me again! 2 times in one month.. how lucky is that

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