Friday, December 15, 2006

Well today has been a pretty busy day! I took Lucas to the vet today for his allergies! He has been itching so much that he itched all the hair off behind his ears! It's kind of funny! Well he ended up getting a shot while we were there. The shot didn't even phase him. The lady kept telling me, "your puppy is so good", "oh what a good dog". haha :) What can I say! :)

After the vet I met Renae my Mother-N-Law. :) We had lunch at Max and Erma's and than walked around the mall for a little while and chatted! :) It was good being able to be with her and catch up! :)

Tonight Eric and I are having our Christmas together! I am excited to give him his presents! :) He thinks he already knows what I got him! Well I better get off here! Everyone have a lovely weekend! :)


Kneesypoo said...

Awww! What did you get him? What did he get you? You can't leave us hanging!

Shell*Belle said...

I got him a gun case and the new iPod shuffle. He got me earrings, a sweatshirt, 2 seasons of Gilmore Girls and a stereo that my iPod fits in! :) He did really good!!!