Monday, March 19, 2007

Our busy, but fun, weekend

Eric and I had a really good and busy weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner with our small group. After that we went to a friends office and watched a movie in the home theater that he had built! It was awesome! :) Nothing like sitting in a leather recliner with your feet up, while watching a movie! HEHE :)

Saturday was Granny's birthday and we met everyone for lunch at Polaris! :) We had a good time seeing everyone and catching up with family! After that Eric and I went and saw The Ultimate Gift. That movie was great!! I highly recommend it! We spent the rest of Saturday afternoon and evening relaxing and reading. Now, my family always tells me that Eric and I have the most interesting encounters with people. Well we had another one Saturday evening. We decided to go to Fazoli's for dinner and right when we walked in we noticed everyone was starring at us. Once we ordered and sat down, the manager came over and said that we looked EXACTLY like a couple that worked there. So we just laughed and continued eating. Well we noticed as we sat there, that we were on display, because several employees would peak there head around the corner and look at us. They also came over and cleaned the booth next to us about 10 times! So as we left the restaurant, the manager pulled out her cell-phone and asked if she could take a picture of us! HAHA It was very funny!! :)

Sunday was a fun and busy day! We went to church in the AM and PM. Sunday afternoon Eric and I played some football outside. Lucas sure enjoyed playing monkey in the middle as we thew the ball back and forth to each other (poor dog, he never caught the ball). After church Sunday night we went out to eat with Bill and Esther! They are the cutest elderly couple in our church! We went to Bob Evans and had a really great time with them. Actually, we had such a good time that they invited us over for dinner on Monday! They are seriously such a Godly and encouraging couple! They told us that we were their adopted grand kids! :) They also told us that next time we come over to their house we aren't allowed to be the guests anymore. Meaning, we are to treat their house as ours!

Here are some fun pictures of Eric and I playing football. Notice Eric in the tree!! What a crazy kid!!


Christy said...

That is a funny picture of Eric in a tree! You two make me laugh!

GalloPinto2 said...

That's so neat that this couple enjoys having you over and that you had so much fun with them! I hope you guys can learn a lot from them!

slony said...

just call me zacchaeus :-D

Shell*Belle said...

HAHA!!! Eric Eric Eric